RxAssurance is a digital healthcare company that improves prescribed therapy outcomes by engaging patients and providing feedback to providers and payers.

We engage patients, collect data and transform the data into better provider decisions and safer care.

Our Mission

What we do

We engage patients and collect data for providers and payers to help create healthy prescription medication habits, improve outcomes and decrease unnecessary hospitalizations and doctors’ visits.

How we do it

For patients: We use web and smartphone technology and behavioral game theory to empower patients to share their health information.
For doctors and payers: We collect ePRO data and transform it into actionable information for decision-making.

Who we serve

We serve patients, doctors and payers.

The value we bring

We collect data that are “unknowns” to providers and payers including data on prescription adherence, effectiveness, side effects and quality of life between visits. This helps us achieve the Triple Aim, simply put: better care, better health at lower cost.